Solar Rural Electrification


Rural communities in certain areas in Sri Lanka where there is no access to grid electricity would want to harvest the benefits of solar electricity. Despite the advancement in technology and reduction of the cost of solar systems the cost per watt is still found to be unaffordable for these communities as their income levels would not let them purchase these systems.

Among the many technologies proposed to address climate change, one stands out for its ability to generate emission-free power while improving rural lives: small solar electric systems can cost-effectively supply energy to rural parts of developing Sri Lanka. While substituting for energy sources that emit carbon emissions.
Goodmonds Engineering brings you the latest technology in solar rural electrification systems offering solar energy which can be designed according to customer requirements in remote areas.

If you are interested in purchasing a rural electrification system for your home, please use our Solar Quotation Form to provide us with some preliminary information/Quotation about your project. 

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