Residential Solar Systems



Today energy has become a major problem in Sri Lanka. The high dependence in hydro power & the increase of oil prices increases the electricity rates every year. We at Goodmonds Engineering are ready to give you a solution with solar power.  

Many people think that Solar Power is a very costly thing to deal with. This is because many local companies introducing solar to the local market are pricing them at a very high rate due to many reasons. This is not the case with Goodmonds Engineering. We are able to provide the best solution for an economical price to our customer. Our vision is to introduce a good product & a solution for the energy crisis. The world’s best brands for solar panels & inverters are with us helping us to fulfill this mission. The Ceylon electricity board & the LECO have approved our products for net metering systems.

So why wait anymore, give us a call on 0714821453 to see how the Goodmonds Solar Power solution can suit your requirement. The decision is yours whether you have solar power today & save your money & the environment. We would be happy to meet you & provide all advices and a feasibility report. Our experience & expertise in the industry is guaranteed to provide you the best solution.

Please use our Solar Quotation Form to provide us with some preliminary information/Quotation about your project.

Goodmonds Engineering team is professionally qualified for testing, maintenance and installation qualified personal that can design, install, test, monitor, service and repair stand alone, Grid connect systems

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